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The Armagh Media Project
Institute for Education
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Andrew Ciofalo, Director

Multimedia from the Armagh Media Project

Video, photo slideshows and more multimedia presentations on life in Armagh.

Revisiting the Armagh Women's Prison:
A Tour by Cathy Rafferty

Cathy Rafferty took photographer Brigid Carey on a tour of fthe Armagh Women's Prison. Rafferty spent six years there as a young adult after she became involved in an IRA action that resulted in the wounding of a soldier. Watch the slideshow.

A Glimpse of Eden: Inside an Irish Garden Getaway

Kathleen McGeown divides her time between running the Ni Eoghain Bed & Breakfast and tending to the massive garden that surrounds it. Photographer Cate Oliver captured some of the beauty of her Irish Eden. Watch the slideshow.

The Bells of Saint Patrick's

Armagh is the city of two cathedrals - and two sets of famous churchbells. Photographer Kyle Saadeh visited both cathedrals to document the bells and the people who play them. Watch the slideshow.

The Armagh Observatory

The Armagh Observatory has been in continuous use since it was first constructed in the late 1700s. Photographer Caitlin Robirds visited the Observatory grounds. Watch the slideshow.

The Legend of the Green Lady

Who was the Green Lady? Videographer Sarah Turner explores the legend in this modern-day re-enactment of one of Armagh's most famous ghost stories. Watch the video.

The Philosopher King of Bagel Bean

The Bagel Bean is no ordinary Irish bagel shop (if such a thing exists). It's a local institution founded by Roger Mallon, who infects the enterprise with his passion for life. Watch the video.

InArmagh YouTube Video Gallery

InArmaghis our YouTube Video gallery. See all 20 videos produced by the students of the Armagh Media Project.